4K UHD HDR TV Comparison

4K UHD LED TV Comparison

Vizio P Series Compared to the TCL 6 Series

The Vizio P Series and TCL 6 Series are two of the more popular 4K UHD TV lines on the market. In this guide, we’ll compare the Vizio P Series with the TCL 6 Series and see how they stack up against each other in terms of performance and quality. 

When purchasing a new TV, there are many different factors to consider. Televisions are not the big investment that they used to be, but it’s still wise to do your research and get the television that will perform best in your area.

From the size and resolution of the screen to the brightness and color gamut, there are lots of technical components that go into making a good television picture. These technical features will sound like jargon to the average customer. But they can translate into a satisfying viewing experience. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you understand what all those specs mean — and how they affect your viewing experience. 

The Vizio P Series and TCL 6 Series are both 4K TVs that offer a lot of value. But which one is right for you? To help answer that question, we’ll look at performance specs, such as color accuracy, brightness, contrast ratio, sound quality, and price — as well as design features such as HDR compatibility and intelligent home integration. Let’s get started…

Vizio P Series Compared to TCL 6 Series

Picture Quality

The brightness and contrast ratio of the screen, as well as the color gamut – or the range of colors it can display – affect picture quality.

The Vizio P Series has a contrast ratio of 5,568:1, compared to 5,560:1 for the TCL 6 Series. The Vizio is slightly ahead of TCL6, but not by much-a difference that’s difficult for most viewers to discern when watching movies or playing games in low light conditions on both TVs.

The TCL 6 Series, with its higher brightness rating, can produce a more realistic picture of HDR content than the Vizio P. A higher brightness setting will make your video more realistic and vibrant. So, if you have a room with lots of windows or natural light, you’ll be able to see brighter colors and more details on your TCL than on your Vizio-even if you set both models at 100% brightness.

The color accuracy of the Vizio P Series and TCL 6 Series is good, although there are some notable differences. The TCL 6 Series does not offer as extensive a color palette as the Vizio P Series. The color spectrum on Vizio’s P Series is broader than that of TCL’s 6 Series. When calibrated correctly, the Vizio P Series and TCL 6 are similar.

Both TVs are full-array LED displays with local dimming that includes more zones than most other TVs. They also feature HDR10 compatibility and support Dolby Vision. The Vizio P and TCL 6 Series have refresh rates of 120HZ, making them well-suited for gaming. 

Screen Sizes

Between 55 and 75 inches are the screen sizes offered for both TVs. You can find the Vizio P Series in three screen sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch, and 80-inch. Meanwhile, the TCL 6 Series is available with 55-inch, 65-inch, or 75-inch screens.

Sound Quality

The TCL 6 Series has better sound quality than the Vizio P Series. The Vizio P series has decent sound quality, but it’s not as good as what you’ll get from the TCL 6 Series.

The TCL 6 has a better distortion performance and frequency response than the Vizio P Series. It will produce less background noise and sound distortion when playing audio from your TV’s built-in speakers or an external source like a Blu-Ray player or cable box.

But if you’re looking for an incredibly immersive experience and get the best sound from your TV, you should buy a separate sound bar instead.

HDR Compatibility

The Vizio P Series and TCL 6 Series both offer HDR compatibility. However, while they have the same specs in this area, some differences exist.

For example, the TCL 6 Series has a higher brightness output than the Vizio P Series. It will be able to display a broader range of colors on screen and provide more vivid images. But the Vizio P Series has a wider color gamut than the TCL 6 Series, which means it can display more colors than its competitor.

The Vizio P Series has more HDR dimming zones, giving it a slight advantage over the TCL 6 Series. Both have a wide range of settings to customize your viewing experience.

Smart Home Features

The Vizio P Series and the TCL 6 Series are 4K TVs with innovative features. You can access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. They also have built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a USB port for connecting external devices.

The Vizio P Series has a built-in Chromecast feature that allows you to mirror content from your mobile device onto your TV screen without needing an additional streaming device like Roku or Apple TV. The TCL 6 Series doesn’t have this feature built-in, so you’ll need another streaming device if you want to mirror content from your mobile device onto your TV screen.

Both devices have voice assistant, which allows you to give commands like “open Netflix” or “turn the volume up.” You can use this functionality to control certain aspects of your TV via voice commands. For example, if you want to turn off your TV at night, tell Alexa, and she’ll do it for you! This functionality is unique among intelligent TVs and makes both TVs stand out from the crowd.

Market Price

If you’re in the market for a TV and want to spend around $1000, two possible options are the TCL 6 Series and Vizio P Series. Both offer similar price tags-just over $1000-and have high-value 4K HDR features. You might get an even better price looking at Sam’s Club or Costco.

The Verdict: The Vizio P Series vs The TCL 6 Series

The TCL 6 Series and Vizio P are both good 4K HDR TVs, with minor differences that don’t significantly change their overall value. Choose the cheaper or more affordable of the two if you’re on a budget. Both of them do the same thing, but if you prefer one or would rather spend less money on something similar, then either one is actually a top choice.