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The top two universal remotes on the market are the Samsung TM1950C (and TM2050C for 2020 models) and the LG MagiC. Both do a great job and come bundled with their respective TVs. Some people decide on a television based partly on the remote control if the other performance features are similar. If that’s you and you’re deciding on a UHD television, then which remote would be better for you? Read further for more information.

The Samsung TM1950C

The TM1950c remote control has been bundled with Samsung QLED series and Frame series TVs since 2019. It’s successor is the Samsung TM2050C with similar features that run the 2020 models. The remote features a built-in microphone for voice navigation, along with universal remote ability, CEC support, and more. The buttons are designed for quick access to certain programs on the TV, for example there’s quick access to Netflix, Hulu and Prime video.
This remote allows you to access Bixby voice command. Just press and hold the button then say a command and release the button. When you press the button, an Explore Now menu appears at screen bottom. Then you just speak your command to Bixby through the microphone on the remote. This is especially useful if you like to watch your television with the lights off and don’t want to turn on the lights to be able to read the buttons on your remote control.
Many people have been very happy with this remote as it does everything well including replacing other remotes for devices connected to your TV. The only thing it doesn’t do is act like a pointer to move the on screen cursor.

LG Magic Remote

LG’s magic remote also has similar features of a built-in microphone for voice navigation, also a universal remote feature, and CEC support.
This remote also has very good voice navigation and many people give it great reviews for setup because it usually starts working with the UHD within two minutes on first use. It’s also very good as a universal remote to control other devices connected to your TV.
An advantage to LG’s magic remote is that it has a clickable scroll wheel on the center, allowing it to act similar to a mouse on a PC. The LG remote can act as a pointer, allowing you to move the on screen cursor by waving the remote. If this feature is important to you, then an LG television would be able to fulfill that ability.

Advantage: LG Magic remote

One note: If you are looking to replace a lost or broken remote, be sure to check your television model number first before ordering a replacement. There are different variations of Samsung and LG remotes that are designed to work with specific model numbers. Sometimes a remote will work with other model numbers not listed but that’s usually the exception rather than the norm.

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