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If you have a budget about $2000 and want to buy TV that launched in 2018, there are some of the best TVs you can choose. Ideally, with this budget, you will get 55 inch TVs for the best. Nevertheless, if you are willing to sacrifice the image quality or some features, you can get 65 inch TV or even 75 inch TV. With other words, if you want get 65 inch TV or even 75 inch TV, picture quality and features that offered are not as great as 55 inch TV. But the advantage, you will get bigger screen sizes. Now, it all comes back to what you want.  Below are some recommendations for the best TVs in 2018 under $2000 you can buy. But keep in mind, since at beginning of the year, some manufactures started to replace that last year models by newer models, their price and availability may fluctuate a lot.

Best 55 Inch TV in 2018 under $2000


If you want to buy the best 55 Inch in 2015 under $2000, LG OLED55C8 may meet your need. LG OLED55C8 is part of OLED C8, the lowest model of LG’s 2018 4K HDR TV Lineup that already uses Alpha 9 Processor. It is A TV with excellent picture quality and features. As is typical of OLED TV, it has perfect black level and strong native contrast ratio, makes its dark room performance is also excellent. Additionally, it also has wide color gamut, makes it is able to produce natural picture with full vibrant color. Although not as bright as LED TVs that sold in its price range, for OLED TV, peak brightness of OLED55C8PUA is actually fairly bright enough, bright enough to fight the glare in bright room.

The other excellence that offered, LG OLED55C8PUA also has good viewing angle coverage, far better than IPS TV. This allows all viewers can get the best viewing even though they are watching TV from multiple viewing angles. LG OLED55C8 also has remarkable pixel response time, allows you to watch fast moving images like sports or fast movies with almost no motion blur. Although not the best, it also has low input lags, make it is very responsive when used for any games. But unfortunately, like others models of OLED TVs, this TV has permanent burn-in risk and temporary image retention, so this TV should be avoided to display static images for over long time.

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If you feel OLED55C8 is too expensive, LG OLED55B8 may be a good alternative for you. Priced about $200 cheaper, performance and picture quality produced by this TV is not far different to OLED55C8PUA. The only drawback of OLED B8 to C8, it is only powered by Alpha 7 Processor while OLED55C8 is already powered by Alpha 9 Processor.  This makes its performance in handling HFR (High Frame Rate) content is not as good as OLED55C8PUA. Additionally, lack of Alpha 9 processor also makes its performance in reducing noise is also not as good as OLED C8. The use of Alpha 7 processor also makes its Smart TV performance is not as fast and responsive as OLED C8 that uses Alpha 9 processor.

Nevertheless, the excepting to what impacted by their difference in processor, performance of OLED55B8PUA is similar to OLED55C8PUA. It also has excellent picture quality with perfect black level, full vibrant color, and good peak brightness. Additionally, its performance in handling motion blur is also not far different to OLED55C8PUA. Not only that, when used for playing games, it is also very responsive due its low input lags in PC and Game mode. The weakness, as is typical of OLED TV, OLED55B8PUA also has temporary image retention and permanent burn-in risk.  Overall, LG OLED55B8PUA is a good TV for any usage and including the best TV under $1500 you should consider.

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Samsung QN55Q8FN

If you feel LG OLED55C8PUA or OLED55B78PUA is not bright enough or you are concerned about the burin-in risk of both, there is Samsung QN55Q8FN that can deliver brighter peak brightness than both and has risk free from permanent burn-in. Black produced by QN55Q8FN may be not as perfect as both OLED55C8 and OLED55B8, but combination of VA panel and Full Array Local dimming behind it make QN55Q8FN can produce very deep black. Additionally, as part of Samsung QLED TV lineup, it also can deliver excellent color gamut, make it is able to show HDR images with full vibrant color. The superiority, Samsung Q8FN can get very bright, much brighter than both OLED B8 and C8. Highlights of HDR images can even hit the target 1000 nits like the intended. This means, with very deep black level, color gamut that can cover almost more than 95% of DCI P3, and peak brightness that is brighter than 1000 nits, Samsung QN55Q8FN is including a few TV that can show HDR fully like the movies creator intended.

Although not as fast as OLED TV, Samsung QN55Q8FN also excellent response time, make it is able to show smooth motion with less motion blur when used for watching sports or fast movies. Additionally, in Game mode, it also has excellent input lags across all refresh rate and all input resolution. This will certainly please most gamers. But unfortunately, as is typical of LED TV with VA panel, the picture displayed on its screen will look degrade when viewing from the side.

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Best 65 Inch TV in 2018 under $2000

Sony XBR65X900F

If you want a bigger TV, you can go Sony XBR65X900F as your best alternative. Although its picture quality and performance are not as great as all three TVs above but it has 10 inch bigger screen sizes.  Additionally, XBR65X930F also has strong native contrast ratio and good local dimming performance, makes it can produce deep black, makes its performance in a dark room is also great. Although not as wide as all three TVs above, it also has wide color gamut that can cover more than 90% of DCI P3 color space, makes color of HDR images produced looks very accurate. The advantage, XBR65X900F can get very bright, brighter than all TVs above, whether with HDR and SDR Content. Nevertheless, unlike QN55Q8FN that can show highlights brighter than 1000 nits, it cannot show highlight of HDR images due its peak brightness in small window is still a bit less than 1000 nits. But overall, Sony XBR65X900F has good picture quality, no matter the light condition of a room it is used.

Not only that, Sony XBR65X900F also has good pixel response time, allow you to watch fast moving images like sports or fast movies with less motion blur. But a bit unfortunately, it has a bit issues on its pixel response time, particularly in 1080p resolution. In 4K resolution, its input lags may be low enough for playing any games, but in 1080p resolution, its input lags are too high. For casual games, this may be not be problem, but for playing fast paced games, this may be disappointed. In addition to its input lags in 1080p resolution, poor side viewing angle becomes its major drawback.

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Best 75 Inch TV in 2018 under $2000

Samsung UN75NU8000

If you feel the screen size of XBR65X900F is still less big for you, there Samsung UN75NU8000 that comes with 75 inch screen sizes. For 75 Inch TV under $2000, UN75NU8000 may be becoming the best. Like all TVs above, it also has strong native contrast ratio and can produce deep black. But even so, it only comes with Edge Lit backlight with local dimming. So, although it already has local dimming, but in boosting contrast, its local dimming doesn’t perform as well as Samsung QN55Q8FN or Sony XBR65X900F. Additionally, although its color gamut a bit worse than XBR65X900F, but it still support wide color gamut, makes most color of HDR images still can be shown fairly accurate. Samsung UN75NU8000 also can get bright and has good reflection handling, makes its performance in a bright room also good. With SDR content, its peak brightness is even not much different to XBR65X900F. But unfortunately, if with HDR contents, peak brightness of XBR65X900F is boosted significantly, peak brightness of UN75NU8000 tend to be stagnant.

Like most modern TVs, UN75NU8000 also has good pixel response time that is good for fast paced contents. This TV also has good input lags in PC mode across all refresh rate and resolution that will please most gamers. Not only that, like the series above it, UN75NU8000 also already support FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate and low auto latency, ensure you to get best gaming experience. But like all LED TVs above, Samsung UN75NU8000 also comes with VA panel, so can be ascertained that it also has bad viewing angle coverage.

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