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Almost all 4K TVs that launched in 2017 already come with HDR (high Dynamic Range) technology. But unfortunately, most of them only come with basic support of HDR. This means, most of them only support metadata HDR that allow them can play HDR content. But there are not many TVs that can show HDR contents with the quality like the intended. Most of middle to lower models even can only play HDR content without being able to give the benefit that offered by HDR technology. You need to know, sine the main purpose of HDR technology is to make the picture produced look more detail, so to show HDR images like the intended, a HDR TV must able to meet the certain level of some components of picture quality that have recommended like deep black level, bright peak brightness, wide color gamut, support 10 bit depth of colors, and others. And for you who are searching HDR TVs which can give the benefits offered by HDR technology, we have some recommendations for you some TVs which able to give you an excellent HDR experience.


All models of OLED TV actually have excellent HDR performance. This is due to the fact that all of them can produce perfect black level and wide color gamut. With the perfect black level produced, all OLED TV’s are able to reveal details of images in dark scene excellently, makes shadow details of HDR images can be shown excellently. This is perfect for movies which have a lot of dark scenes. Additionally, wide color gamut produced also makes HDR images displayed on their screen looks colorful. Additionally, all OLED TVs model actually also have good peak brightness, allows them to be able show bright HDR image, even when set in a bright room. But unfortunately, since HDR images are usually mastered in 1000-4000 nits of brightness range while their peak brightness is still less than 1000 nits, of course they cannot show bright scenes or highlight of HDR images as bright as what intended by the movies creator. But overall, all OLED TVs can give excellent HDR experience. Why should OLED B8?  As we know, OLED B8 is the lowest model of LG’s 2018 4K HDR OLED TV lineup. The benefits that offered, it is sold much cheaper than the series above it like OLED C8, OLED E8 and others or from other brands like Sony A8F and A9F, while picture quality and performance by OLED B8 is not far different to what offered by other model that sold hundreds or even more than a thousand dollar more expensive. Like other models of LG OLED TVs, OLED B8 also supports most of HDR format like HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

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Samsung Q9FN

If you want a brighter TV, Samsung Q9FN may be able to meet your expectation. Although black level produced by Q9FN is not as perfect as OLED B8, but it still has outstanding black level. Its local dimming works excellent to boost its contrast ratio, makes black level produced is very deep, close to what   reached by OLED TV or even is the best between LED TVs.  Meanwhile, the excellence that offered, it has far brighter peak brightness than OLED TVs, allows it can produce bright HDR images, even when it is set in a very bright room. Additionally, since its peak brightness is brighter than 1500 nits, this certainly also makes it is able to show bright scene or highlight of HDR images in a brightness range recommended. Not just that, Q9FN also has a bit wider color gamut and better color volume than OLED TVs, makes some certain colors of HDR images can be shown more accurate. Overall, Samsung Q9FN has excellent HDR performance particularly for you who want very bright TV. But unfortunately, like other TVs with VA panel, the side viewing angle coverage of Q9FN is also poor. Meanwhile, the HDR format which supported by Q9FN are HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+ and it doesn’t support Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR.

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Samsung Q8FN

Samsung Q8FN is the second top model of Samsung’s 2018 4K HDR LED TV lineup. Like Q9FN, Q8FN also comes with Full Array Local dimming even though the number of its dimming zones is not as many as Q9FN. Although not as deep and bright as Q9FN, Samsung Q8FN also has deep black level and bright peak brightness, even in certain condition, it can show small area brighter than 1000 nits, makes highlight of HDR images can be shown brighter than the rest. Additionally, Q8FN also has excellent color gamut and color volume, similar to what produced by Q9FN. Like Q9FN, in addition to support HDR10 and HLG, Q8FN also already supports HDR10+, a new HDR format as the improvement of HDR10 that already use dynamic metadata. Overall, Samsung Q8FN also has good HDR performance for its price range. But like Q9FN, it also has poor side viewing angle coverage.

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Sony X900F

If you think all of these TVs above are too expensive for you, Sony X900F may be able to meet your expectation. Overall, Sony X900F also has deep black level and bright peak brightness, two major aspects which have a big impact on the HDR performance produced. Even in its class, its peak brightness can be said the brightest. Additionally, Sony X900F also has Full Array Local dimming where its performance is also good. Nevertheless, color gamut and color volume of X900F is not as wide and good as what offered by 3 TVs above. But on the other hand, its color gradient is better than the 3 TVs above. And for allowing you to enjoy HDR experience in some format, Sony X900F already supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. But it doesn’t support HDR10+. And like other TVs with VA panel, the side viewing angle coverage of X900F is also poor. This means if you watch TV from the side, the picture produced doesn’t look as good as when viewed from the center and front.

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TCL R617

If you think Sony X900F is still too expensive for you, TCL R617 may be able to meet your expectation. TCL R617 is the budget TV that has good HDR performance, better than most other models in its class or even that sold more expensive. Although it is a budget TV but it is already supported by Full Array Local Dimming technology. Additionally, TCL R617 is also able to produce deep black and very bright peak brightness, similar to Sony X900F that sold hundreds dollar more expensive. In certain condition, it even can show highlight of HDR images brighter than 1000 nits that means it is good. With deep black level and very bright peak brightness, it is very suitable to enjoy HDR experience in a room with any lighting condition. Although not as wide as all TVs above, TCL also already supports wide color gamut and has good color volume, makes most of colors of HDR images can be shown fairly accurate in its brightness range. Overall, for a budget TVs, HDR performance of TCL R617 is really great. But like other TVs with VA panel, viewing angle coverage of TCL R617 is also poor.

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All of the TVs above are the TVs which offer excellent HDR performance. Although some of them may be not able to show HDR images like the intended, but at least their HDR performance is better than other models in its price range. All of them equally have deep black level, bright peak brightness, wide color gamut, and good performance of other aspects that have an impact on HDR performance. No matter the lighting condition of a room where they are placed, picture displayed on their screen looks consistent due their deep black level and peak brightness. But even so, all of them we have recommended based on our personal opinions. You may have you own choice.

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