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Samsung UN65KS8000 and UN65KS9000 are part of Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TV lineup. Like other 4K TVs that released in 2016, both of them also already support HDR contents but in other side, they are lacking 3D technology. So, if you are searching 65 Inch 4K TV that already supports HDR, both of them may meet your criteria. So, what are the differences between them and which should you choose?   This review will discuss thoroughly the differences and similarities between them so you will know a lot about each of them before you decide to choose one of them.

Samsung UN65KS9000 vs UN65KS8000 Key Specification

Specs and Features UN65KS8000 UN65KS9000
Size 65 Inch (64.5”) 55 Inch (64.5”)
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K (3840 x 2160)
Panel Type Flat Flat
Ultra Clear Panel Ultimate Ultimate
HDR Technology HDR 1000 HDR 1000
Color Technology Quantum Dot 10 Bit Quantum Dot 10 Bit
Local Dimming UHD Dimming with Precision Black Local Supreme UHD Dimming with Precision Black Local
Ultra Black Yes Yes
Peak Illuminator Pro Pro
Depth Enhancing Technology Contrast Enhancer Contrast Enhancer
Motion rate Motion Rate 240 Supreme Motion Rate 240
CEA 4K UHD Certified Yes Yes
3D Technology No No
Smart TV Platform Tizen OS Tizen OS
Processor Quad Core Quad Core
Audio Channel 2.1 Channel 2.2  Channel
Sound Output 40 watt 60W (20W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2)
HDMI Port 4 4
USB 3 3
Price See today’s price See today’s price




The differences

We can see on comparison table above, there are three points of the differences between Samsung UN65KS8000 and UN65KS9000 that is about the level of UHD Dimming, Motion Rate and the number channel speaker. So, what do the impact of their differences? Let’s discuss one by one.

UHD Dimming is Samsung’s advanced local dimming technology that designed to enhance the contrast by improving the deep of black level. The higher level or more zones of local dimming, the black level created is deeper and of course this also makes contrast ratio is higher. As we see on comparison table above, Samsung UN65KS9000 comes with higher level UHD Dimming than UN65KS8000. And this certainly makes the contrast and deep level of the picture that produced by UN65KS9000 looks deeper than what produced by UN65KS8000. As the impact, with deeper back level, the picture that displayed on 4K screen of UN65KS9000 looks better and more natural than UN65KS8000.

The second is about the level of Motion clarity and this has to do when they are displaying video contents with fast motion scenes. As we see on comparison table above, Samsung UN65KS8000 is powered by Motion Rate 240 while UN65KS9000 is powered by Supreme Motion Rate 120 Hz. Actually, these technologies are both based on native 120 Hz refresh rate panel, but there are some additional hardware and software on Supreme Motion Rate 240 that makes the picture that resulted better. The result, although the picture that produced by UN65KS9000 is smoother and clearer when they are used for watching sport, fast movies or video games, but with untrained eyes, their difference is not too noticeable.

Whereas about their differences on the number of their channel speaker, the impact is very clear. Samsung UN65KS9000 with 2.2 channel speaker and total audio output 60 watts offers more powerful audio performance than UN65KS8000 that comes with 2.1 channel speaker and total power 40 watts.

The Similarities

The excepting of mentioned above, what offered by Samsung UN65KS8000 and UN65KS9000 are the same. For producing superior HDR Quality, both of them are powered by HDR1000 technology that can produce up to 1000 nits contrast. This makes HDR picture that displayed on each of their screen are looks very clear and detail even in night scenes or sun highlighted effect. But of course, for enjoying movies in HDR quality, the sources also must be filmed in HDR.

Separated from their differences, the contrast of the picture that displayed on the screen of UN65KS9000 and UN65KS8000 can be said excellent for each of their class. There are Ultra Peak Illuminator Pro and Precision Black behind them that maximize peak white and black level. Additionally, the color of the picture that displayed on the screen of Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65KS800 is also looks very natural and saturated. Behind them, there are 10 bit quantum dot panel that provides wider range of color gamut and 4 times shades of color than 8 bit panel. For minimizing glare and distortion that caused by light highlighted, both of them are powered by Ultra Clear Panel Ultimate, the highest level of Ultra Clear Panel technology.

Because of both Samsung UN65KS9000 and UN65KS800 comes with flat panel and not equipped with technologies that specially designed for improving side viewing angle, of course the performance of both about side viewing angle is not too maximum or even can be said bad. The contrast looks degraded and color looks faded when you are watching from side angle started at 20 degrees off center and front. But if you want TV that has the same performance to them but comes with better side viewing angle, there UN65KS9500 and UN65KS8500 that come with curved panel but of course they are sold more expensive.

Talking about Smart TV, both of these Samsung UN65KS8000 and UN65KS9000 feature Tizen OS as their smart TV platform and both powered by a quad core processor. Its performance is fast and responsive. There is also smart HUB with user friendly layout that makes you easier to organize apps. Talking about apps, we certainly already know that there are a lot of interesting apps that provided like Web Browser, S-Recommendation, Smart View, Cloud Gaming and many more. And for controlling apps easier and comfortably, both of these Samsung 65 Inch SUHD TVs are equipped with Smart Touch Remote.

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Which should you buy between them? As described, the main difference between them is about contrast, motion clarity and audio performance where Samsung UN65KS9000 offers better performance than UN65KS8000. But even so, especially about contrast, it has an significant impact on the naturalness of the picture that produced while about motion clarity, with untrained eyes their difference is not to noticeable. The excepting of mentioned, what offered by them are same. With these advantages, in the market UN65KS9000 is sold about $1000 more expensive than UN65KS8000 and this certainly not a bit value for their price range even though this is comparable with the advantages that offered. Now the decision comes back to you according to your needs and budget. I just try to describe their differences. But even so, before you decide to choose one of these Samsung 65 inch SUHDT TV, this would be better if you also read what the people who have purchase one of them comment about each.

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