The Best Television for Seniors

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How do you go about finding the best TVs for seniors? Many elderly people love spending lots of time catching up on their favorite television shows. Sadly many of these older people can’t fully enjoy watching television — for common reasons such as hearing loss, visual impairments or technological intimidation. Because of this, finding a … Read more

Samsung UN65MU8000 vs UN65KS8000 Review – Which is a better choice?

The Samsung UN65MU8000 is a part of Samsung’s 2014 4K LED TV lineup series 8 and is also a successor of the UN65KS8000 that was released in 2016. Although somewhat unusual, there is no “S” lettering on Samsung’s 2017 Series 8 for the two previous versions, Samsung always used “S” lettering for its Series 8 for “Super” UHD. By being labeled MU (and not MS), the Samsung Series 8 has been downgraded to a mid-tier TV. Additionally when introduced, the UN65MU8000 was being sold for hundreds of dollars less than the UN65KS8000. We’ve seen the price of the UN65KS8000 lowered by hundreds less than the price of the UN65MU8000. So what are the differences between the two — and which is the better choice…

Samsung RU8000 and NU8000 Review (UN49RU8000 vs UN49NU8000, UN55RU8000 vs UN55NU8000, UN65RU8000 vs UN65NU8000, UN75RU8000 vs UN75NU8000, UN82RU8000 vs UN82NU8000)

The Samsung TV

  Tweet The Samsung RU8000 is the top model of Samsung’s 2019 non-QLED TV line. It is a middle range priced model. The Samsung NU8000 was replaced by the newer RU8000. Even though the NU8000 is last year’s model and was replaced by the RU8000, but you can still find the NU8000 in some stores. … Read more

Samsung TM1950C (and TM2050C) vs LG Magic Remote

Tweet The top two universal remotes on the market are the Samsung TM1950C (and TM2050C for 2020 models) and the LG MagiC. Both do a great job and come bundled with their respective TVs. Some people decide on a television based partly on the remote control if the other performance features are similar. If that’s … Read more

Vizio P Series Quantum 2019 vs Samsung Q60R /Q60 Review (P659-G1 vs QN65Q60R, P759-G1 vs QN7560R)


Tweet The Vizio P Series Quantum 2019 and the Samsung Q60R/Q60 are mid-level priced televisions introduced in 2019. In their respective lineup, the Vizio P Series Quantum sits between the Vizio P Series Quantum X and Vizio M Series Quantum, while the Samsung Q60R sits between the Samsung Q70R and Samsung Q50R. on the market, … Read more