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The Best Television for Seniors. Now You can get large screen televisions for the best prices ever and watch videos and even display your family photos...

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Compared: The Samsung RU8000 vs. the Samsung NU8000

Check out the top models of Samsung's non-QLED TV lineup, both are great mid-range prices models. Featuring sizes from 49 inch to 82 inch, there's lots to discover about which model is better...

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4K UHD televisions deliver four times the resolution of a standard high definition television (HDTV). Now you can get a 4K television image that looks so real with details that stand out — you’ll feel like you can almost touch itt. That’s the power of 4K! 

Since the prices for 4K televisions are just a few dollars more than a standard High Definition TV, you might as well get the best 4K picture possible and then enjoy it for years to come. 

Imagine… you get a bigger, bolder and more lifelike television viewing experience which might even impress your family and friends. 

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Having purchased televisions all the way back to the days of Plasma and DLP technology (and over $5000 cost too, lol), we’ve kept up with the latest technologies to spot the best televisions at the best prices… and we’ll tell you which ones they are. 

If you do click one of our time saving (and cost saving) links, we’ll probably get a small commission from the seller. This in no way infliuences our opinion. But it does help us to offer our website viewers the chance to save time and money in selecting their new and (soon to be) most favorite television.

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Thanks for the great website! I found out the television that I wanted was different than I thought. I actually got the one that did better in your review and I’m glad I did.

I was so impressed by the amount of details that I’ll use your site again if I ever need to find another tv.

Amy Harris, Mesa

Very helpful and easy to use. I did not realize there were so many choices and that picture quality matters in a dark room. Thanks for your help.

Rodney Jones, Los Angeles

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